Weight Loss

In this fast paced world, everyone is looking for an instant solution to weight loss. Unfortunately the world is full of empty promises. That is why so many people have given up hope. They have tried one to many 'miracle cures' with little or no success.

At Dr. Kretschmer Associates you don't find empty promises, just real results. We believe that a complex problem such as being overweight, requires a total solution.

Using scientific and personal analysis we establish your individual needs. We help you to achieve sucess by focussing on physical, mental as well as emotional aspects involved in losing weight.

What does this really mean? It means we look at you as a real person, at the whole you - body and mind. We approach the challenge of being overweight on every level. And we find the solution.

INHERITED SLOW METABOLISM - Research has proven obesity to be linked to genetic inheritance. Thus body weight can be influenced by genetic factors such as inherited slow combusion mechanism, endocrine factors, increased fat deposition, etc.

HORMONE SENSITIVE METABOLISM - Puberty, contraceptives, pregnancy, hysterectomy, fertility treatment or hormone replacement therapy often results in weight gain obesity.

LOW LEPTIN LEVELS - Leptin is a circulatory protein hormone produced by fat cells. Leptin regulates food intake by binding to specific receptors in the brain and thereby regulates neuroendocrine function and energy intake and expenditure. Deficiancies in Leptin are associated with obesity. Patients with high Leptin levels can eat almost anything without gaining weight. Patients with low Leptin levels suffer from an increased appetite and desire for food and everything they eat is changed into fat and stored. Causes of low Leptin levels include genetic factors, hormonal treatment, medication such as cortisone, antibiotics and anti-depressants, viral infection, emotional trauma and stress, anaestetics and compulsive eating habits.

OVER-EATING - Some people overload their metabolism so much that the body can't burn the excess food fast enough, so the food is stored as fat. When this happens regularly, the brain's ability to differentiate between hunger and cravings becomes diminished. Eventually it becomes extremely difficult to resist any craving for food and this leads to destructive cycle of obesity.

Based on more than 30 years experience, the doctors at Slender Wonder combine the very latest discoveries in the field of weight loss with scientifically proven principles that have stood the test of time.

THE SLENDER WONDER MEAL PLAN - This flexible, practicle plan will help you to change your eating habits without starving yourself. It is well balanced and incorporates a meal replacement shake to insure optimal nutrition while you lose weight.

THE SLENDER WONDER SUPPLEMENTS - Containing the most up-to-date, natural weight loss aids, the Wonder range helps to normalize your body's fat burning mechanism, helping you feel great with abundant energy and improved health (see some of the exciting benefits further on).

THE SLENDER WONDER EXERCISE PLAN - The plan is designed for the home or gym to greatly improve your weight loss results, health and sense of well-being.